Welcome to Restaurant Al Punt.

This is a restaurant that invites intimacy in a warm and friendly atmosphere.
The primary basis on which it is based is the enthusiasm and youth,
as each member seeks to deliver the best of himself.
All this without forgetting the quality of each of their dishes,
all based in the Mediterranean and local cuisine with slight stop
originality which give the dish as pleasant as appetizing presentation.
You can try meat and fish of excellent quality,
starting with a few starters that will not let you both for the quality as per your liking.

You can also enjoy wines from a variety of classes
that will help you secure good taste his choice in good company.
It should make a special mention of wines from Argentina you can choose if you want.
Argentine wines have different origin that are recognized for their
good work on the palate as they have a force that will delight in the company of a good steak.

As a special recommendation of the house can (and dare we say it should)
try the delicious meat export Argentina.
It is known worldwide Angus seal that ensures a quality,
a source and a unique taste wherever you go.
It is also recognized Argentina’s meat has a flavor and
warmth reminiscent of the country and from which his countrymen.

So we again welcome you and tell you that we are at your service
for what you want with the utmost cordiality and attention that we are able.

Thank you for visiting